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New feature : live search

We are proud to announce the first version of our live product search. Type your search term in the field on the top right and click on the Search blue icon. Results – in a comparable format – will immediately appear. A price filter will be displayed, automatically filled with the minimum and maximum price found… Read More »

Featured Article

Chrome Extension !!

The first release of our chrome extension to easily compare amazon products features side to side is out. STEP 1: INSTALL THE EXTENSION With your Chrome browser, click here and install, takes a few seconds. No worries, the extension won’t show any popup nor alter any website content. It can be removed in a a fraction… Read More »

Search and compare more than a product

You can use the keyword “vs” between your products. Example: compare iPhone model 5 vs iPhone model 6s As you can see, results from both product version will be displayed

Video reviews

We’ve just improved our comparison table and added product video reviews from youtube. Based on the product keywords (e.g. manufacturer and brand), a video review will be presented below each product. We’ll soon introduce some manual checks to make sure the right review is associated with the product. Let us know if you find that… Read More »

User searches organised by tag and tag category

As you can see from the user’s searches page, we manually create already-made searches based on the most popular user-created comparison charts. You can see a tag cloud on the right, where the size is proportional to the popularity. At the time of writing, users seem very interested in the new Microsoft Surface tablet, especially the Microsoft… Read More »

UK version and language auto detection and redirection

We started implementing the UK and Italian version Compare amazon product tables – UK Comparazione prodotti amazon – Italy From the homepage, the redirection happens automatically depending on your browser language. You can of course switch to any language version using the flags icons at the bottom. The locale is always switching depending on the… Read More »

Chose the right amazon product by width, height, weight

On amazon website, you can’t filter by product dimensions. In some cases, dimensions are important. Examples: Furnitures fitting your room phone charger fitting phones mounts display not exceeding the size of your desk TV matching the table dimensions If you paste your links on featurecompare, You can find dimensions on the left, and exclude the… Read More »

Undecided among the amazon product to buy ?

FeatureCompare.com gives you the opportunity of comparing those products side by side. Open the site and paste the links of your products to get a comparison table on the fly. Mobile phones, tables and laptops: compare all the specs and be sure RAM, Display size are the one you want. Exclude products from the comparison… Read More »