New Layout

We’ve changed the layout, new better looking, mobile responsive, easier to read.

We’ve also re-added the suggested products at the bottom of the table, and also links to add/remove/keep products from the comparison.

Some fixes around the amounts of visits and purchases now make the functionality more useful for users, telling what other users have chosen, and help you chose as well.



What other users have chosen. Now available

We’ve started saving what users chose, and make it available in the comparison tables.

In this example, 3 users ended up buying (or at least, adding to the card) the 3rd product.

That should help other buyers to know which product is “better” compared the others based on other users’ work.

It’ll take some time before enough data is collected. Come back to visit us soon



Button to manually update products

We run background jobs 24/7 to update product specs, giving more priority to the most popular ones.

In case you want to make sure you get the most updated data, click on the blue button at the bottom to update the product data (reviews, amazon and ebay prices, etc..). I’ll will take a few seconds. Refresh the page at the ends.


Video reviews

We’ve just improved our comparison table and added product video reviews from youtube.

Based on the product keywords (e.g. manufacturer and brand), a video review will be presented below each product.

We’ll soon introduce some manual checks to make sure the right review is associated with the product. Let us know if you find that useful, so that we can prioritize and further improve the functionality

Similar products suggested for comparison

Once you have created your product comparison, we automatically calculate the most similar products among the ones you selected.

Example, see this doss soundsbox manual bluetooth speaker comparison:

Below we show the suggested products (of course none of them is present in the table). Click on the “add” link to add them to the comparison