Best seller 2018: HP 22-b016 All-In-One Desktop with Win 10

Best selling product this year is the HP  22-b016 All-in-one computer, inspired by a desktop Mac. Perfect to browse, and ways cheaper than a Mac. HP is a synonym of quality after all.

You can see a full table specification on our FeatureCompare website.


You can see a full table specification on our FeatureCompare website.

1.6 GHz Pentium 64-bit,  4 GB SDRAM DDR3

HD 1024 GB HDD 7200 rpm

21.5 inches 1920×1080 screen (cannot be mounted)

Intel HD Graphics, 2 USB

Positives traits from customer

  • It was very easy to set up, with step by step instructions. It plays cds and dvds, and the sound and picture quality are excellent! I had never used Windows 10 before, but it’s not hard to get used to. It’s so nice not having a tower anymore! How do they fit everything into the monitor? The speed has been great, and the webpages load quickly. If you are looking for a new desktop computer, I highly recommend this one!
  • The screen unit is nice and lightweight (much lighter than the HP Pavilion all-in-one that it replaced)
  •  The performance is good, more than enough for browsing, email, writing documents, viewing photos, watching streaming video and the like. 
  • All in all a very nice choice, and it was shipped very quickly and arrived sooner than I expected
  • There is a 2nd, empty SIMM slot on the mainboard to increase memory
  •  It was very easy to set up, with step by step instructions
  • Price is great.. Color is great
  • connects to Bluetooth.
  • overall very satisfied with this product..
  • I use it for homework and YouTube and I edit videos on it and it’s pretty fast

Negative traits from customer

  • The keyboard and mouse that came with the unit are both corded and fairly low-budget
  • I have noticed that the performance of this unit is much slower after it’s been in sleep mode (other customers suggests not to put it on sleep mode)
  • Can be a bit slower when opening websites. I suspect the problems other people have had with speed issues are a software problem caused by bloat programs.When i got mine I completely uninstalled all the junk programs
  • ooks great! Only issue is that it’s extremely slow. If you just need a basic computer and don’t have to do much work on it, it’s fine. However, if you have a desire for speed you will want to go another direction. It’s just a front desk computer 

See full list of review and specs on amazon s link.